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"Accessibility for All"

Project "Accessibility for All"

In the scope of the European Territorial Cooperation Programme “Greece-Bulgaria 2007-2013”, the - Branch of North Greece (Lead Partner) in cooperation with the National Council of People with Disabilities in Bulgaria – District of Haskovo (Partner), has undertaken the implementation of the project entitled: "Accessibility for All" (acronym A.4.All).

The purpose of the project is to promote accessibility in the public sector and specifically in the local and regional authorities. The term "accessibility" means the characteristic of one environment which allows all citizens without discrimination due to gender, age and other characteristics (body shape, strength, perception, etc) the safe and independent use and access of offered infrastructure and services (conventional and electronic).

The persons who benefit from the Project are primarily persons with physical disability and subsequently the Public and Regional Authorities in the cross-border zone of implementation of the Programme in the adoption of policies for the promotion of Accessibility and the improvement of the life of the Physically Disabled.

Lead Partner:
National Confederation of Disabled People - Branch of North Greece

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National Council of People with Disabilities in Bulgaria - District of Haskovo

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