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Through the Project the suitable tools will be developed for anyone who wishes to offer affordable services for disabled persons.
In brief, the project includes:
  • Seminars in Greece and Bulgaria with the participation of Local Government representatives 
  • Information of elected representatives of people with disabilities in accessibility issues regarding public buildings
  • Open seminars jointly in Greece and Bulgaria
  • Thematic Workshops in Greece and Bulgaria
  • Education on matters of servicing persons with disabilities
  • Comparative Study, to provide information on the institutional framework and the accessibility of persons with disabilities in the EU and at national level
  • Pilot Studies for the development of "accessibility" at municipalities, which shall promote cooperation on social welfare issues.
  • An Accessible Web Portal created by and for persons with disabilities, which shall be used for the communication and networking of persons with disabilities and public authorities
  • An Accessibility Guide, which shall provide useful instructions for the public authorities as regards the accessibility of infrastructure and their services
  • A Guide for the actions relevant to information, publicity and promotion of accessibility, and of the project overall
  • The provision of the project results in multiple accessible forms
All Project Deliverables shall be in accessible form so that persons with disability can be informed relevant to pertinent issues.

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