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The Consortium

National Confederation of Disabled People

The National Confederation of Disabled People is the third level socio-confederate agency of the country's disability movement. It was founded in 1989 by organizations of individuals with disability and their families, so as to defend issues of common interest for all categories of disability and to be an independent and strong agency representing people with disabilities and their families in the Greek State and society.

Today the National Confederation of Disabled People officially holds the position of Social Partner on issues pertaining directly or indirectly to people with disability and fights to promote the policies that contribute to the full participation in the social, economic, political and cultural life of the country. On a national level, the Confederation fights for the protection and advocacy of human and social rights of people with disability, to lessen social bias and combat the discrimination they experience. It aims to equate the opportunities of people with disability in all sectors of their life and to ensure conditions of dignified living and full incorporation in society. The Confederation establishes an action plan, performs systematic control of legislative regulations and provisions and submits proposals to the Greek State on issues such as: education, professional training, employment, information society, universal access.

On a European level the Confederation has recognized the need for active participation in a truly representative European disability organization such as the European Disability Forum, which represents people with disabilities in the dialogue with the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and other European authorities.  Aiming at the development of a European political framework for disability, focused on the equality of opportunities and combating discrimination, it participates in an expanded network of contacts with the National Councils of People with Disabilities of the other Member-States as well as states under accession to the European Union.

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