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The Project


In the scope of the European Territorial Cooperation Programme “Greece-Bulgaria 2007-2013”, the National Confederation of Disabled People - Branch of North Greece (Lead Partner) in cooperation with the National Council of People with Disabilities in Bulgaria – District of Haskovo (Partner), has undertaken the implementation of the project entitled: "Accessibility for All" (acronym A.4.All), which is included in the Area of Intervention: 1.3: Cooperation and Networking on Health and Social Welfare Issues of the European Territorial Cooperation Programme “Greece-Bulgaria 2007-2013”.
As equal citizens, the Persons with Disabilities have every right to dignity, equal treatment, an autonomous life and full participation in society. Moreover, equal access to high quality education and lifelong learning gives to people with disabilities the ability to participate fully and equally in society and to improve the quality of their life. Therefore, people with disabilities should have the same choice and control in their everyday life, like all other citizens.
"Accessibility", aside from the dimension of physical access (can a person go where he wishes?), also encompasses the dimension of functionality (can he use the service or good he wants?), communication (can he communicate and be informed like everyone else?) and is related directly to autonomy and safety, which ultimately are the defining parameters that ensure to each person the freedom of choice at every moment of his life.
Accessibility has been identified with people with disabilities, which actually is the necessary and sufficient condition of:
  • autonomous
  • safe
  • dignified life
The project aims to offer an integrated approach for promoting the "Principle of Accessibility" in the public sector and specifically to the local and regional authorities of the Cross-Border Area Greece - Bulgaria. The implementation of joint actions from the side of Greece and Bulgaria aim at jointly setting the boundaries and dealing with problems encountered in matters of Accessibility in the Public Authorities.
The previous objective is combined with the willingness of the partners to change the attitude / perception of public employees and of local society. To ensure proper implementation of the legislation, the deliverables of the pilot study will be used as the main guiding map. Overall, the programme aims to improve the conditions of daily life for people with disabilities and to facilitate their transactions with public bodies at the Local Self-Government level.
The Project incorporates the principle of accessibility for disabled persons, which has now become a necessary requirement for the receipt of public financing of Member-States from the EU funds. For this reason, the interventions of the Project adopt the principle of "design for all" by integrating accessibility terms and conditions to ICTs for persons with disabilities based on internationally recognized standards, the W3C accessibility guidelines and specifically to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WAI / WCAG).

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